事情前面做不到,之后解释再多都是枉然,内心的想法和为那个事做的纠结谁又能钻到你心里去看。别人看到的,能够茶余饭后当作谈资的也无非就是那表面上有的行动才对。 That's the thought that counts.这句话真的并不是适用。很有力的论点是,你想了那么多,怎么还不做呢? 建议/教训是Think twice and do what you gotta do. Act do speak louder and more obvious than words.

相处不在优点,而在于能否接受缺点 爸爸总是在我最critical的时刻用一句话点醒我 Money won't make me happy. But I'll get it if necessary for the girl I love. I will and I can. All I need is just time. I need that fucking time to be stronger and strong and mature enough to take care of everyone I care. I do all the work all day and pray all night. LORD, give me the strength to deal with every bump on the road. Amen